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The global capital markets are thriving, making it a ideal time to secure the funds you need to grow your business, make that strategic acquisition or realize your company's true valuation.

Success in any endeavor requires more than opportunity, it takes the right vision and ability to execute. When it comes to successfully accessing the capital markets, it is also about your relationship to investors, and who and what influences their thinking.

Developing and maintaining these relationships and taking charge of these influences requires a sound strategy, the right resources and time. But time is one thing you have so little of — let alone the strategy and resources.


Engage an experienced and savvy team of 'force multipliers' like the seasoned capital market advisors at CMA. We will help you formulate the key messages that resonate with your target audience, and then deliver them with power, effectiveness and reach.

Effective capital market access means tapping a proven source of qualified investors, analysts, money managers and bankers who look for investment opportunities like yours — those who understand your industry and get your value proposition.

CMA grants you immediate access to a global network of key members of the financial community. who match your particular need and desired outcome. Combined with our proactive strategies for elevating your value proposition, your story will be propelled to the head of the pack.

Together we will lay out a plan and timeline that meets your company's capital market needs and growth objectives. We will then deploy the resources and methodologies your CMA team has developed and honed over the years, and which have helped senior managers successfully navigate the capital markets, generate significant capital attraction and achieve higher valuation.

We will also execute a public relations campaign designed to elevate your products and services, and establish management as industry thought leaders.

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At the end of the day, accessing the capital markets in the right way means not only achieving a higher valuation, raising capital, or making that key acquisition…it's about saving your company millions in equity along the way.

When this happens, the net cost of getting there really didn't really amount to a dime. In fact, you've come out ahead. Your equity has gained value, and you've realized that greater vision for your company and its stakeholders.





Capital Formation
Registered Offerings
Uplisting/Dual Listing
Investor Relations
Strategic Financial Messaging
Corporate Restructuring
Management Transition
Reverse/Forward Split
New Product/Service
Corporate Governance
Best IR Practices
Crisis Mitigation
Shareholder Activism
International Capital Markets
Transfer Agents
Accounting Firms
SEC Legal Counsel
Proxy Services
News Wire Services
Investor Website


Higher Valuation
Increased Institutional Ownership
Successful IPO/Merger
Expanded Analyst Coverage
Capital Raised at More Favorable Price
Greater Liquidity/Volume
Successful Acquisition/Divestiture
Management Time Saved
Debt Reduced/Restructured
Strengthened Balance Sheet
Improved Corporate Governance
Ideal Board Appointment


Investor Communications
Investment Banker Engagements
Initial Public Offering
Secondary Offering
Roadshows (Deal/Non-Deal)
Quarterly Earnings Releases
Earning Call Scripting
Institutional Outreach
Analyst Coverage Initiations
Financial Social Media
Corporate Presentations
Consensus Estimates Management
Retail/Market Maker Support
Reverse Merger Coordination
Financial Media Outreach
Market/Competitive Research
Comparative Valuations
Peer Group Analysis
Investor Perception Studies
Corporate Fact Sheet
Conference Presentations
Annual/Quarterly Reports
Corporate Video Production
Ringing the Opening Bell
International Roadshows
Business Plans/Financial Modeling


Baseline Reports
Weekly Agenda Meetings
Quarterly Progress Reports
Board Presentations
Performance-based Comp



Public Relations
Media Monitoring
Interim Senior Management