What We Do

  • CMA is a premier international capital markets advisory firm. 
  • We connect senior management of public and private companies to capital market players in the U.S., Canada and around the world.
  • We provide access to a proprietary network of high-net worth investors, equity analysts, money mangers, investment bankers, media and other valuable market resources that best match your particular need.
  • Working in partnership, CMA also proactively connects these capital market players to opportunities that best match their particular criteria.
  • Our highly-experienced team of advisors provide the strategies, catalysts and effective communications that create win-wins for all.

Our Value Proposition - Why Companies Choose CMA

  • Senior advisors with decades of experience providing capital markets access to leading public and private companies — we've seen it all, and have gained the knowledge and wisdom to guide you along the right path.
  • Broad sector expertise, highly-skilled communicators and longstanding Wall Street relationships
  • Effective, creative turnkey programs that allows you to focus on running your business.
  • High-quality, professional production of materials and strategic messaging.
  • Low client-to-advisor ratio ensures a high-touch, responsive, pro-active customer experience.
  • Proven methodologies that introduce your story to a well-targeted audience and get results.
  • Transparent, highly accessible and fully accountable for goals and objectives.
  • Self-funding philosophy -- we carry our own weight, while preserving millions in equity along the way.
  • Bottom line: If you need capital market access, you need CMA.

Why Partner with CMA?

  • We value the power and reach of our capital market partners, and reward them with pro-active outreach and strong ROI.
  • Every day we look to strengthen and grow our key relationships, and open doors to new opportunities never thought possible. 
  • We are 'loyal to a fault' and will always look out for our partner's best interest.
  • We attract success, ensuring you will always be on the winning team.